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[06 Jul 2006|07:44am]
i should know.
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I want to be be your love. [12 Nov 2004|05:19pm]
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Sorry for the lack of normalcy in my entries.
things have been... rough, dare I say?

I bought a slew of CDs today, Rachael Yamagata has to be the best. Happenstance is amazing. A must buy. You will not regret it. Snow Patrol, Simple Plan (for my sis, I cant STAND them), Bjork (MEDULLAFINALLY), The Shins, Utada, Rachael... cheap who can resist?

I want to change the layout on this. Make icons. Do something. My head is sore from who knows what and I dont know how to allieviate it since asprin dosent seem to help. Perhaps Midol?

My head. is. sore.

IN OTHER NEWS... The OC! I (heart) the OC. Seth and the whole "hes the WASP version of me". Although I do not like the whole Seth/Summer thing... This episode was quite great. Summer and he speech to Seth (!) He DID choose Anna, and he DID run away...

MARISSA. WHAT HAPPENED?!? The lawn guy?!? Am I the ONLY person who dosent find him the least bit attractive? RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I do need to meditate. And figure out the recipe for fried snickers.

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Are you in or out? [04 Nov 2004|10:11pm]
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